Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 5:30pm

Harvey City Hall

Note:  All motions unanimously passed unless otherwise stated.

Key:  M-Motion, MS-Motion Second, VV-Voice Vote, RCV- Roll Call Vote, MC-Motion Carried

The Harvey City Council met in Council Chambers on Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 at 5:30pm.  Present were Mayor Ann Adams, Milo Baltrusch, Rick Eckart, Bob Weninger, Linda Knudtson, Donnie Hoepfer and Ronald Volk.

Also present were Auditor Karen Nordby, Public Works Director Kenny Erickson, Karissa Dockter and Chief Shane Towe.   

VISITORS: Brandon Oye, Josh Feil, and Brice Wakefield

Mayor Adams called the Regular Meeting to order.

Mayor Adams led the Pledge of Allegiance.

MOORE ENGINEERINGBrandon with Moore Engineering updated the council on the status of the current projects.  The ground storage reservoir’s substantial completion date was October 12, 2016.  M by Volk, MS by Weninger to accept the completion date for the Ground Storage Reservoir.  Upon VV, MC.  Oye presented Engineering Invoice # 15456 in the amount of $18,144.08.  M by Baltrusch, MS by Volk to approve payment to Moore Engineering.  Upon RCV, MC.  He went on to discuss the water meter replacements.  Mayor Adams signed the notice of award letter and execute contract with DSG for the electronic water meters.  Brandon addressed the council regarding the Street Improvement District No. 2016-1.  Moore Engineering has submitted the loan application to BND.  Nordby provided BND with financial information.  Liquidated damages calculations were discussed.  M by Baltrusch, MS by Eckart to approve Oye’s recommendation.  Upon VV, MC.  M by Volk, MS by Weninger to authorize the Auditor to advertise for bids.  Upon VV, MC.  M by Weninger, MS by Volk to approve the Engineering Agreement for study, design, bidding, assessments and funding phases for the street project.  Upon RCV, MC.

POLICE REPORT: Chief Towe’s police report was in the packet for the council to review.  The new police chief Shane Towe was introduced.  Towe reported to the council that the 2017 Tahoe has arrived.  Proper ATV rules were discussed.  All Class II & III off-highway vehicles can be on city streets only if they are equipped with the following equipment, all of which must be in working order:  one headlamp, one horn, one tail lamp, speedometer, one brake light, one mirror.  Class I off-highway vehicles cannot be operated with in the city limits of Harvey.  An individual may not operate an off-highway vehicle in the following ways, which are declared to be unsafe and a public nuisance:  At an unreasonable rate of speed in relation to surrounding circumstances and in a careless, reckless, or negligent manner that endangers the rider or property of another, or causes injury or damage to other persons or their property.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT: Public Works Director Erickson’s report was in the packet for the council to review.  Erickson stated that the new emergency sirens have been installed.  He asked the council if we should keep the old emergency siren on 7th St. because it is on a timer.  M by Knudtson, MS by Eckart to keep the old emergency siren for the 6:00 pm whistle.  Upon VV, MC.  Erickson asked for the approval to have Moore Engineering survey 3rd St. and Millenium Addition for elevation.  M by Baltrusch, MS by Volk to approve the request.  Upon VV, MC. Erickson also mentioned that the 460 IH Tractor has been leaking fluid and the council asked him to have someone look into the issue.  Kenny has noticed paint chipping on the recently painted water tower.  He has been in contact with MaGuire Iron to inspect.

AUDITOR REPORT: Nordby’s report and the financials were in the packet for the council to review.  Karen reported to the council that she has been busy working with the mayor regarding childcare.

MINUTES: M by Baltrusch, MS by Volk to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting on April 12th, and Special Meetings April 6th & 19th.  Upon VV, MC.

CASH REPORT: M by Knudtson, MS by Weninger to approve the Auditor’s Cash Report as submitted with April Revenue of $85,142.96.  Upon RCV, MC.

VOUCHERS:  M by Hoepfer, MS by Eckart to approve the vouchers with expenses of:  Ameripride 111.65, Chief Frank Senn 30.00, City of Harvey 5000.00, Cole Papers Inc. 126.98, Curt Benson 340.00, Double E Designs 89.00, Efraimson Electric 6331.44, Emery-Pratt Co 274.54, Ferguson Waterworks 52.19, First International Bank 5147.41, Frey Ins. Agency 12.00, Gaffaney’s of Minot 87.98, Galls Inc. 209.94, Harvey Ben Franklin 481.55, Harvey City Band 450.00, Harvey Motor Service 269.06, Harvey Oil Co. 3844.70, Harvey Sand & Gravel 2070.00, Harvey Steam Locomotive 500.00, Hav It Recycling 1000.00, Hav It Services 272.00, Hawkins Inc. 1516.31, Herald Press 840.03, Hinrichs Super Valu 94.51, Information Tech Dept 62.80, JP Cooke Co 72.26, John Deere Financial 564.00, Keith Olson 11.29, KHND Radio 200.00, Kotaco 1859.27, Lemer’s True Value 203.31, Little Mart 339.46, Mid Dakota Lumber 154.91, Midee Auto 105.00, Miller Clothing 20.63, Minot Daily News 100.00, Napa Auto 4.69, ModTech IT Services 133.00, North Country Trail Assoc. 50.00, ND Clerk’s Association 100.00, ND Dept of Transportation 5.00, NDTC 1393.62, Northern Appraisal 1000.00, One Call Concepts 18.00, Ottertail Power Co. 389.77, Penworthy 284.19, Post Board 90.00, Praxair Distribution Inc. 99.90, Quad County Babe Ruth 600.00, Redwood Toxicology Lab 114.91, Sewer Equip Co of America 193.16, Shawn’s Electric 327.25, Ted Seibel PC 3369.50, The Library Store 297.21, Third Watch Communications 1929.86, Tractor Supply Co. 8.78, Uniform Center 133.97, Unum Life Ins. 199.50, US Postal Service 458.86, Verendrye Electric 237.00, Verizon 380.92, Visa 864.19, Warehouse Grocery 19.09, Waste Management of ND 21393.56, Wendelin Fettig 18.44, Woody’s Service & Repair 519.82,  and April Payroll $78,823.31.  Upon RCV, MC.


2017 Improvement Property List:  Kenny, Karen, Arnie and Ted continue to work on this list and address the concerns.


ARBOR DAY PROCLAMATION:  M by Volk, MS by Eckart to approve the Arbor Day Proclamation for May 16th.  Upon VV, MC.

SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT:  Relay for Life has requested a Special Event Permit for the closure of  8th Street from Alder Ave to the alley before Adams Ave on June 16th, 2017 from 4:00 PM to 1:00 AM.  They have requested to have a DJ on Lincoln Ave.  M by Weninger, MS by Volk to approve the request.  Upon VV, MC.  They also requested the City of Harvey support the American Cancer Society Relay for Life project of Painting the Town Purple to promote cancer awareness and gives the community the opportunity to fight back against cancer by decorating the town with Purple.  M by Eckart, MS by Volk to approve the Paint the Town Purple Proclamation for June 12- June 16.  Upon VV, MC.

APPOINT COMMITTEE MEMBERS: M by Volk, MS by Baltrusch, to accept the committee’s appointment of Jereme Buchmiller to the Airport Committee.  Upon VV, MC.  The council would like to thank Mark Demory for all his years of service to the airport committee. M by Baltrusch, MS by Knudtson, to accept the committee’s appointment of Daryl Flagen to the Planning & Zoning Committee.  Upon VV, MC.

DESIGNATE OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER:  M by Hoepfer, MS by Eckart to approve the Herald Press as the official newspaper.  Upon VV, MC. 

WORKPLACE SAFETY:  The council reviewed NDCC 62.1-02-05.

OFFICE HOURS:  Baltrusch addressed the council regarding the City Office Hours.  He feels it should be changed to Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  The consensus of the council was to continue with the current hours and table it until the August Council Meeting. 

ORDINANCE #2017-01 CHANGE CHAPTER 6:  M by Volk, MS by Hoepfer to adopt First reading of the ordinance amendment for lot coverage and sidewalls that was presented to the council.  Upon VV, MC.


JDA MINUTES: Included in the packet.

AIRPORT MINUTES:  Included in the packet.

BOARD OF ADJUSTMENTS MINUTES:  Included in the packet.

POLICE COMMITTEE MINUTES:  Included in the packet.

___________________                                                      _____________________________

Ann Adams, Mayor                                                          Karen Nordby, Auditor



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