Wednesday, October 12th, 2016 5:30pm

Harvey City Hall

Note:  All motions unanimously passed unless otherwise stated.

Key:  M-Motion, MS-Motion Second, VV-Voice Vote, RCV- Roll Call Vote, MC-Motion Carried

The Harvey City Council met in Council Chambers on Wednesday, October 12th, 2016 at 5:30pm.  Present were Mayor Ann Adams, Milo Baltrusch, Rick Eckart, Bob Weninger, Linda Knudtson and Donnie Hoepfer.  Also present were Auditor Karen Nordby, Public Works Director Kenny Erickson, Karissa Dockter and Chief Bob Everson.    

VISITORS: John Bell, Brian Julius, Brandon Oye, Nick Gludt, Bob Miller, Barry Wagner, Nathan Friedt, Keven Friedt and Ted Seibel

Mayor Adams called the Regular Meeting to order.

Mayor Adams led the Pledge of Allegiance.

MOORE ENGINEERING:  Nick Gludt discussed the relationship with Moore Engineering and the City of Harvey. Brian Julius informed the council that the Ground Storage Project is in the final stages of completion.  The contractor submitted pay application #5 for $109,788.90. M by Volk, MS by Hoepfer to approve pay request #5 to Swanberg Construction.  Upon RCV, MC.  Julius discussed the $6.2 Million-Street Improvement Project.  Brandon Oye will be the new project engineer for the City of Harvey and will set up a small committee meeting for details on the project.

Mayor Ann Adams closed the Regular Meeting and called the Public Hearing to Order.

PUBLIC HEARING: Mayor Ann Adams called the noncompliance hearing for the property located at 917 Divine Avenue to order. M by Hoepfer, MS by Knudtson to continue with the process for 917 Divine Ave.  The property cannot be repaired so that it will no longer exist in violation of the ordinances and shall be demolished by the City through its officers and employees if Schaeffer fails to comply with this Order or Fails to appeal to the District Court within 30 days.  Upon RCV, MC.

Mayor Ann Adams closed the Public Hearing Meeting and called the Regular Meeting to order.

NATHAN FRIEDT: Visited with the council about updating the old recreational sign across from the Artos Motel for his Eagle Scout Project.

POLICE REPORT: Chief Everson’s police report was in the packet for the council to review. Chief Everson is looking for a volunteer to care for animals at large when brought into our facility.  If anyone is interested, they could contact our office.  The City of Harvey has offered a temporary police officer position to Jon Gallagher while Henry Head is recovering from his workforce injury.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT: Public Works Director Erickson’s report was in the packet for the council to review. The sealed bids were opened for the new garbage truck.  M by Volk, MS by Knudtson to table purchasing a garbage truck until Erickson evaluates the bids.  Upon VV, MC.  M by Knudtson MS by Weninger to take the tractor to Rooster’s Repair for the necessary repairs needed.  Upon VV, MC.  M by Weninger MS by Volk to deny the purchase of a new tractor or skid steer at this time.  Upon VV, MC.

AUDITOR REPORT: Nordby’s report and the financials were in the packet for the council to review. 

MINUTES: M by Baltrusch, MS by Knudtson to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting 9/14 and Special meetings 9/28 & 10/5.  Upon VV, MC. 

CASH REPORT: M by Eckart, MS by Volk to approve the Auditor’s Cash Report as submitted with September Revenue of $86,636.83.  Upon RCV, MC.

VOUCHERS:  M by Volk, MS by Hoepfer to approve the vouchers with expenses of: Ameripride 120.92, Aqua Pure 1450, BMS 100, BND 1294.42, Buechler Oil 1915.16, Cengage Learning 135.10, City of Harvey 100.00, Cole
Paper 1463.24, Cosun Biobased products 6460.00, Curt Benson 130.00, Dacotah Paper Co. 422.83, Dale’s Radiator 1573.30, Dean Klier 148.80, Double E Design 218.75, Elite Spraying 832.50, Emery-Pratt CO 267.94, Gaffaney’s 454.91, HACTC 75.00, Harvey Ben Franklin 5.38, Harvey Area Chamber 4455.00, Harvey City Band 450.00,  Harvey Motor Service 3077.93, Harvey Sand & Gravel 48.15, Hawkins 1645.49, Herald Press 243.72, Highplains Equipment 52.05, Hinrichs Super Valu 18.28,  Information Tech 58.50, Jim Anderson 15.00, John Donarski 10.00, Junior Class Craft Fair 50.00, KHND 200, Lemer’s True Value 528.85, Michael Frederick 44.00, Mid Dakota Lumber 48.31, Midwest Graphics 583.00, M & T Fire & Safety 813.00,  Minot Daily News 100.00, Moore Engineering 4100.00, Napa Auto 312.48, NDTC 1277.13, ND Dept. of Health 32.00, Northern Prairie Mechanical 2097.11, One Call Concept 28, Otter Tail Power Co 7396.44, Patzer Truck Repair 279.89, Post Board 45.00, Redwood Toxicology Lab 49.95, Rick’s Tree Service 1100.00, Ripplinger Motors 57.24, Sanitation Products 1270.43, Senior Center 2000.00, Shawn’s Electric 2927.20, Star Business Forms 787.35, Starion Bond Services 14792.50, Tanya Wieler 100.00, Taser International 2363.67, Ted Seibel 2332.47, Tractor Supply Co 4841.89, US Bank 160,181.25,  Verendrye Electric 106.00, Verizon 381.28,Visa .99, Waste Management 5080.33, Water Environment Federation 148.00, Waste Mgmt of ND 2814.89, Wells Co Treas. 564.83, US Postal Svc. 291.18, and September Payroll $70,857.85.  Upon RCV, MC.


RRVWSP PROJECT DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT:  The consensus of the council is to not move forward with an agreement with the Red River Valley Water Supply Project.


717 PARK AVENUE:   M by Baltrusch, MS by Eckart to approve the request for an additional 6 months to repair his property.  Upon VV, MC.  

RAFFLE PERMITS:  The Benson County 4H requested Raffle Permit #16-11.  M by Weninger, MS by Knudtson to approve raffle permit #16-11 provided all gaming rules and regulations are followed. Upon VV, MC. 

PATZER/KELLER CRUSHED CONCRETE REQUEST- M by Volk MS by Knudtson to approve the price reduction request at $10 per yd. based on the quantity of over 1000 yds.  Upon VV, MC.

BARRY DICK FAMILY WATER REQUEST:  The family of Barry Dick is requesting the water bill at 115 Brewster Street E. be forgiven due to the water leak that left an extremely large bill. M by Kundtson MS by Baltrusch to reduce the bill in half.  Upon VV, MC.


JDA MINUTES: included in the packet

__________________                                                                     _____________________________

Ann Adams, Mayor                                                                             Karen Nordby, Auditor




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