Wednesday April 12, 2017 5:30pm

Harvey City Hall

Note:  All motions unanimously passed unless otherwise stated.

Key:  M-Motion, MS-Motion Second, VV-Voice Vote, RCV- Roll Call Vote, MC-Motion Carried

The Harvey City Council met in Council Chambers on Wednesday April 12, 2017 at 5:30pm.  Present were Mayor Ann Adams, Milo Baltrusch, Rick Eckart, Bob Weninger, Linda Knudtson, Donnie Hoepfer and Ronald Volk.

Also present were Auditor Karen Nordby, Public Works Director Kenny Erickson and Karissa Dockter.   

VISITORS: Jana Schimelfenig, Brittany McIntosh, Brandon Oye, Josh Feil, Sally Wakefield, Rhonda Knudson, Bradley Arnold, Amy Arnold, Adam Keller, Glen Baltrusch, R. David Adams, Rick Jensen, Kristi Fike, Doug Fike, Kali Fike, Alice Duncan, Rebecca Duncan, Delores Langseth, Floyd Wangen, Dennis Hauser, Tammy Hornbacher, Steve Bachmeier, Mark Neuenschwander, Dale Hager, Jared Hanson, Diane Glaser, Jim Glaser, Marci Eckart, and Susan Shearer.

Mayor for the Day Kali Fike called the Public Hearing to order.

Mayor for the Day Alice Duncan lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Amy Arnold updated the council regarding her request for a Conditional Use Permit to conduct Massage Therapy in her home at 312 Desmet Avenue.  No one attended the hearing to protest.  M by Hoepfer, MS by Baltrusch to approve the Conditional Use Permit and renew annually.  Upon VV, MC.

Mayor Adams closed the hearing and opened the Tax Equalization Meeting


Assessor Schimelfenig presented the information for Notices of Increase and Homestead Tax Credits to the Council.

Sally Wakefield asked the assessor questions and she was told her value would not change from 2016.  Steve Bachmeier voiced his concerns.  Assessor Schimelfenig addressed his concerns and will reevaluate his property.  Other visitors who had concerns of increase to their property were told it was due to sales in their area.  M by Volk, MS by Weninger to approve the vacant lot values will remain the same as 2016.  Upon VV, MC.

NOTICE OF INCREASES/HOMESTEAD TAX CREDITS: M by Volk, MS by Weninger to approve the increases and tax credits as submitted.  Upon RCV, MC.

With no further business, the Mayor closed the Board of Tax Equalization Meeting and the Regular Council Meeting opened.

HAV-IT SERVICES:  Tammy Hornbacher approached the council on behalf of HAV-IT Services.  They are requesting an exception to ordinance 11.0107 “Keeping of Certain Animals Prohibited”.  HAV-IT is located on the outskirts of town and would like to have a project for the people that are receiving services where they have 3 or 4 laying hens to feed, water and pick eggs each day.  This project will start in the spring and end in the fall.  M by Volk, MS by Hoepfer to approve the request and revisit the request annually.  Upon, VV, MC.

MOORE ENGINEERING:   Brandon Oye from Moore Engineering updated the council on the status of the current projects.  Construction is complete on the ground storage reservoir project. The original USDA/RD Loan has been closed.  Sweeney Controls is completing work at the water treatment plant.  Kenny and Brandon are working on a punch list for the contractor.  M by Weninger, MS by Baltrusch to approve the proposal to Highline Electric for $24, 936.54.  M by Volk, MS by Hoepfer to pay a voucher for Starion in the amount of $22,304.86.  Upon RCV, MC.  M by Knudtson, MS by Weninger to pay Ohnstad Twichell a voucher for $4500.00 for bond closing.  Upon VV, MC.  M by Eckart, MS by Baltrusch to accept the revised letter of conditions from USDA/RD for additional funds for water meters.  Upon RCV, MC.  Brandon informed the council that H&S Contracting will be in town in May to finish construction on Jackson Avenue and North Street.  Brandon discussed the Street Improvement District No. 2016-1.  M by Volk, MS by Baltrusch for the approval of the revised Engineers Report.  Upon RCV, MC.  M by Volk, MS by Baltrusch to submit ND Infrastructure Loan Fund Application.  Upon RCV, MC.  M by Baltrusch, MS by Hoepfer to submit USACE Section 404 Permit for culvert work on Advent Street.  Upon VV, MC.

POLICE REPORT: Chief Everson’s police report was in the packet for the council to read.  M by Eckart, MS by Knudtson to accept the resignation of Chief Everson.  Upon VV, MC.  The Police Committee did offer the Police Chief position to Shane Towe.

AUDITOR REPORT: Nordby’s report and the financials were in the packet for the councils review. Nordby will be on vacation April 21st – May 1st.   Nordby discussed the childcare shortage in Harvey.  M by Volk, MS by Hoepfer to support the JDA in the childcare project.  Upon VV, MC.  

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT: Public Works Director Erickson’s report was in the packet for the councils review. Erickson stated that the Schaeffer/Cendroski basements will be taken out and leveled off on those two lots this week.  He also asked the council for permission to sell the 1950 Allis Chalmers riding tractor with a 6 foot Woods belly mower.  M by Weninger, MS by Volk to approve selling the 1950 Allis Chalmers riding tractor.  Upon VV, MC.

MINUTES: M by Baltrusch, MS by Volk to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting on March 8th.  Upon VV, MC. 

CASH REPORT: M by Volk, MS by Knudtson to approve the Auditor’s Cash Report as submitted with March Revenue of $304,130.68.  Upon RCV, MC.

VOUCHERS:  M by Eckart, MS by Baltrusch to approve the vouchers with expenses of: Ameripride 235.62, Ann Adams 255.58, Black Mountain Software 100.00, Cengage Learning 87.50, Center Point Large Print 68.56, Central Cinema Theatre 36.00, Cherie Heisler 174.10, Cole Papers 1816.44, Comfort Inn 327.60, Dacotah Paper Co. 293.10, Dakota Fire Extinguishers 516.81, Dale’s Radiator & Repair 493.86, Double E Design 932.00, Eagles Club 1989.00, Emery-Pratt Co 462.33, Ferguson Waterworks 40.98, Fire Equipment Co. 574.50, Frey Insurance 27,115.00, Galls Inc. 106.98, Gaffaney’s of Minot 212.11, Hach Company 593.38, Harvey Area Chamber of Commerce 4020.00, Harvey Ben Franklin 225.35, Harvey Fire Dept. 770.47, Harvey Motor Service 74.93, Harvey Oil 3114.18, Harvey Sand & Gravel 1620.30, Harvey Tax 125.00, HAV-IT Recycling 2000.00, HAV-IT Services 592.00, Hawkins Inc. 3129.37, Heiman Fire Equipment 280.83, Herald Press 1091.92, Hinrichs Super Value 25.67, Hornbacher’s Café 61.36, Informational Technology Dept. 62.80, Jamey Weinmann 362.67, John Deere Financial 66.46, Jonathan Gallagher 175.55, Karen Nordby 214.10, Karissa Dockter 35.00, Kenny Erickson 351.32, Kotaco 105.13, Lemers True Value 220.98, Little Mart 1296.97, Michael Todd & Co. 2559.69, Mid America Books 99.75, Midee Auto 142.08, Midwest Graphics 77.50, Mid-American Research Chemical 361.12, Montana Newspaper Association 149.00, Moore Engineering 6745.00, Municipal Government Academy 640.00, NDTC 2752.55, Napa Auto 25.40, ND Dept of Health 96.00, ND League of Cities 80.00, Northern Improvement Co. 1500.00, Office of the State Auditor 165.00, One Call Concepts 12.00, Ottertail Power 14,919.85, Patzer Truck Repair 1220.85, Penworthy 252.23, Perfect Petals 46.99,  Rustyre 991.00, Sanitation Products 998.98, SD Newspaper Assoc. 150.00, Sewer Equip Co of America 355.38, Starion Bond Services 85,122.50, Swanston Equipment 218.26, Ted D. Seibel PC 690.00, The Library Store 225.35, Third Watch Communications 713.75, Tractor Supply Co. 113.47, Transcript Publishing 500.00, Unum Life Ins. 199.50, US Bank 14456.25, US Postal Service 229.25, Verendrye Electric 528.00, Verizon 381.57, Vessco Inc. 621.81, Visa 5355.45, Waste Management of ND 15,929.95, Woody’s Service 175.66, and March Payroll $73,475.09.  Upon RCV, MC.


NUISANCE PROPERTIES- M by Volk, MS by Eckart to follow the ordinance in Chapter 12  Article 4 to enforce the strict policy for cleaning up properties.  Upon VV, MC.  The Public Works Director, the Auditor and the Police Department have compiled a list of properties to have letters sent to them.  The City would like to have a city that everyone is proud of.  Now that spring is here, please help us out and cleanup areas that are not pleasing to the eye.  If you need help painting your property please contact Karen at the City of Harvey.

LIBRARY: The library director and the chairman of the library board attended the Wells County Commissioner’s meeting requesting financial help.  The committee will review their request.


RAFFLE PERMITS:  St. Aloisius Medical Center requested Raffle Permit #17-05.  M by Volk, MS by Eckart to approve raffle permit #17-05 provided all gaming rules and regulations are followed. Upon VV, MC.

EARTH DAY PROCLAMATION: Mayor Adams read the Earth Day Proclamation for April 22, 2017.  M by Volk, MS by Knudtson to approve the proclamation.  Upon VV, MC.

PLANNING & ZONING COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  Marci Eckart and Steven Felchle resigned from the planning & zoning committee. 

LOCOMOTIVE FENCE:  Ralph Muscha is asking permission to build a 4 foot fence around the old 440 locomotive.  M by Volk, MS by Knudtson to approve the fence request.  Upon VV, MC.  He was also looking for a $500.00 donation to be used towards the fence.  The consensus of the council is to have this discussed at the next JDA meeting.

STEVE BACHMEIER:  Steve requested the council reconsider the Board of Adjustments decision to deny his request for a 7 foot variance to the front of his property.  He also requested a variance to cover 45% of his lot with his new building. 

M by Hoepfer, MS by Volk to approve his request.  Upon VV, Knudtson, Baltrusch, Volk and Hoepfer voting yes. Eckart and Weninger voting no.  MC.


JDA MINUTES: included in the packet

PLANNING & ZONING MINUTES: included in the packet. 

___________________                                                                   _____________________________

Ann Adams, Mayor                                                                             Karen Nordby, Auditor








Public Informational Meeting

Thursday, April 6th, 2017 5:30pm

Harvey City Hall

The Harvey City Council met in the City Hall Gym on Thursday, April 6th, 2017 at 5:30pm.  Present were Mayor Ann Adams, Milo Baltrusch, Rick Eckart, Bob Weninger, Linda Knudtson, Donnie Hoepfer, and Ronald Volk.  

Also present were Auditor Karen Nordby, Public Works Director Kenny Erickson, Karissa Dockter, Brandon Oye, Kyle Meyer and Luke Arnold.

VISITORS: 253 Visitors in Attendance—Copy of the sign in sheet will be attached with the minutes in the City Office.

Mayor Adams called the Public Informational Meeting to order.

Moore Engineering presented the information for the proposed Street Improvement District No. 2016-1. 

Citizens voiced their concerns.  The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

___________________                                                                   _____________________________

Ann Adams, Mayor                                                                              Karen Nordby, Auditor




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