Board Minutes


Harvey Convention & Visitors Bureau

November 3, 2014

Spectators Bar and Grill

Present: Ann Adams, Marci Eckart, Shauna Faul, Steve Lesmeister

Absent: Kristine Lawson

Other:  Nicki Weissman

The meeting was brought to order by Weissman.

The first item on the agenda is to elect a chairperson.  M by Adams to nominate Eckart as the chairperson, MS by Faul, and the nominations were closed. Upon V V, MC.

Minutes of the meeting were read. M by Adams to accept, MS by Faul, upon V V , MC.

Financials were reviewed. We have over spent our budget; however the revenue that has been received at the time is over by $6,945.04.

M by Lesmeister to approve, MS by Eckart, upon V V, MC.

Minot Magic Grant was discussed and that we have not spent enough money to get our project done.  Moving the rocks has been an issue, there is no one that has the time to do it.  Lesmeister mentioned that he would look into the project and see if he can do the job.

Solar lights – some work and others are not working.  Bob Weninger is working on the light. Weissman bought another panel and light and Weninger will see if that will work. 

Decoration for the big pots on Main Street.  The supplies are being bought by Eckart and she will let the committee know when she is ready to decorate the pots. 

We had a request to use the large pots for a wedding, and the committee has decided against the idea.  The committee will decorate the pots with lighted trees to be lit before the Chili feed on December 1.

Tourism Grant:  The grant is 50/50 match from the ND Tourism Department

Weissman has been in contact with Midwest Outdoors Custom advertising company.  The amount is over $2,220.00.  The committee talked about if we should spend the additional money, or rearrange the grant proposal to do the advertising package.  We could do only one trade show that is in Minneapolis, and have the smaller ads in the Tourism guide and hunting guide to make up the difference. M by Lesmeister to go ahead and do the bigger package and rearrange the grant allocations.  MS by Faul, upon V V, MC.  Weissman will contact the ND Tourism Department to make those changes.  Lesmeister mentioned that he would like to see Harvey have a fishing tournament this winter.

The committee discussed Tourism brochure sights along Highway 94 and other roads in the state. We will do that again this year.  The price has increased from $200.00 to $250.00.

Meeting was adjourned. Minutes submitted by Weissman ,






















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