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There are many explanations that can be attributed to people in search of rural places to vacation at. In today's fast-paced, hustle and bustle lifestyle it is stimulating to escape to places of solitude. Amid these places of retreat is Harvey, North Dakota. Some of the characteristic that cause the area to be so enticing are open spaces, clean air and a sense of tradition.  
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This year, give yourself a real break from the daily routine and the hectic schedule of life at home and work and relax and enjoy the "The Spirit of a Truly, Great American Vacation"

"The Lonetree Wildlife Management Area" 

DaffodillsThe Lonetree Wildlife Management Area represents a unique wildlife management and recreation opportunity for residents and visitors alike. Lonetree skirts the Missouri Coteau, and encompasses the headwaters of the Sheyenne River. Prairie potholes, seasonal wetlands and tall/mid-grass prairie dominate the 30,000 acres within the WMA. Accessible for the widest range of public use Lonetree is a wildlife viewers dream.

Eagle over WaterTake the auto tour which is over 31 miles long. Lonetreehas been restored to native grasses and wildflowers and to dense nesting cover for upland nesting birds such as ducks and geese. With native grasses resistant to drought and erosion thedense nesting cover-here, mostly clover, grass and alfalfa-hide nests and newly hatched broods from foxes and flying predators like hawks.


Manfred History and Preservation, Inc


Manfred History and PreservationDon't tryto tell members of the Manfred History and Preservation, Inc. group that small rural towns are doomed. They can't hear you because of the noise of tools and people working to preserve their village. They have accomplishedmajor tasks toward their goal, establishing the Manfred HeritageMuseum within a village dedicated to honoring small rural towns.

Manfred History and Preservation

The group is now working on the O.K. Melby-Sam Rogness home, a story-and-a-half house erected in 1903. They plan to have it ready for the museum opening July 26, 2003.

North Country National Scenic Trail

Threading its way across our countryside, the North Country National Scenic Trail (NST)   links exceptional scenic, natural, recreational, historic, and cultural areas in seven of our northern States--New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota.
North Country Scenic Trail Map      North Country Scenic Trail

North Country Scenic Trail 

North Country Scenic Trail
Situated just south of Harvey this unique trail allows visitors an opportunity to get close to the flora and fauna of the prairies and rolling foothills. The final leg of this trail meanders westward through the vast plains of North Dakota. Hiking, or driving through any portion of this unique trail is truly an experience to write home about! There's terrain to challenge or just inspire every type of hiker. You'll see what we mean when we say you'll be swept away by the experience.

Wells County Museum, Fessenden, North Dakota

The museum consists of frontier exhibits in regards to the local and regional history of the county and how the towns were established. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The museum is open from May 1 through October 1 by appointment only; it is also open to the public during the week of the fair (3rd weekend in June). To make an appointment to visit the Wells County Museum call 547-3415. The museum is located in Fessenden at the Wells County Fair Grounds.

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