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Harvey is located in Central North Dakota near the head waters of the Sheyenne River on US Highway 52 and State Highway 3.

Latitude: 47,7709 North

Longitude: 99,9316 West

Elevation 1600 Feet Area within city limits: 1230 acres with airport

1.5 miles square miles approximate

Distance in miles from:

Bismarck, ND: 110 miles                          Devils Lake, ND:  70 miles

Fargo, ND: 195 miles                                Minot, ND: 75 miles

Jamestown, ND: 100 miles                      Billings, MT: 524 miles

Chicago, IL: 832 miles                               Denver, CO: 813 miles

Minneapolis, MN: 425 miles                   Sioux Falls, SD: 429 miles

Winnipeg, MN: 267 miles


Harvey is located at the crossroads of two major highways, U.S. 52 and N.D. 3 in central North Dakota.

U.S. 52 passes through Harvey from the northwest to the southeast and is one of North Dakotas’ major trucking routes with a truck passing Harvey an average of one every nine seconds. That was before all the oil traffic and the develop in the Minot and Williston area. The highway from Harvey to the northwest isn’t usually subject to seasonal load restrictions. U.S. 52 from Harvey to the southeast is occasionally seasonally restricted to 18,000 pounds per axle. This highway is the major thoroughfare for travelers between Minot and Jamestown.

























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