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The City of Harvey is now taking utility payments online. Please click on the icon to pay your bill.






City of Harvey - Utility Hookup Application


Residential___________                 Commercial___________

Customer Name___________________________Spouse_____________________________

Service Address______________________________________________________________

Mailing Address (If different)___________________________________________________

Phone Number (Home)_____________________Cell_______________________________

Birth Date________________ Driver License Number______________________________

(Be prepared to show a form of identification such as drivers license)

Are you renting_____________Or did you purchase_____________ (Mark One)

If renting, who is the owner________________________

Your Employer________________________________Phone #__________________

Start Date of Services___________________________

**A Deposit of $75.00 is due & payable to the City of Harvey at this time*


The following information is requested by the Federal Government in order to monitor compliance with applicable Federal Civil Rights Laws.  You are not required to furnish this information, but are encouraged to do so.  The law states that a provider of services may neither discriminate on the basis of this information, nor on whether you choose to furnish it.  However, if you choose not to furnish it, under Federal regulations the provider of services is required to note race, ethnicity, and sex on the basis of visual observation or surname.   

                                Ethnicity (Mark One)                                                  Race (Mark One)

  Not Hispanic                                                                                 White

Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander 

  Hispanic or Latino                                                                        Black or African American

  American Indian/Alaskan Native                       Asian


  Female            Male          



The City of Harvey is an Equal Opportunity Employer






















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