Harvey Job Development Authority


Our vision is a rural area-wide community where every person has the resources and abilities to reach unlimited entrepreneurial potential.


The Harvey Area Job Development Authority exists to support people as they discover and create opportunities for rural entrepreneurship, job growth and development, area-wide and regional economic connectedness, and individual enrichment.


You may contact the office during normal business hours at 701-324-2000 or email JDA@harveynd.com

Strategic Plan for Harvey 2018

Click the link below to access the JDA’s Home Based Childcare Grant Application 

http://JDA Home Based Childcare Opportunity Grant Application


The city of Harvey has chronicled its “art in the community” wall mural initiative as it continues to engage in renewed economic development. As a ‘Main Street Community’ the city welcomes artists to create spacious murals that commemorate the city’s life and mirth across time. This in response to emerging evidence from “ArtPlace America Community Development”1 investments that the arts and culture are imperative for building a rural community like Harvey since such useful activity supports economic opportunity and development, nurtures human health and well-being, and unites rural people toward community-level well-being.

Featured below are several of the creations by one of Harvey’s local visual artists – Chris Wakefield….all but one located within Harvey’s Downtown!

Building Mural – South Wall of Styles Within @ Corner of 10th Street & Lincoln Avenue Downtown

Wall Mural – North Wall of Chris Wakefield Visual Studio Within the 700 Block of Lincoln Avenue

Building Wall Mural – South Wall of ZBS Auctioneers @ U.S. Highway # 52 Bypass & Elm Avenue South

Soo Line Railroad/Alder Avenue Underpass Mural Located @ North End of Downtown Harvey

Lincoln & Nine Building Mural – 9th Street & Lincoln Avenue


The Harvey area JDA subscribes to the belief that economic development means nurturing the human dimension.  Accordingly, it is governed by a seven-member board with direct tie-in to the Harvey City Council by virtue of joint membership on the Council by four of its members.  Its board meets in public session (governed by ND Open Meeting Code) monthly on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm.  Each meeting possesses a structured agenda.  It is staffed by the Economic Development Director, the Harvey City Auditor, and an as-needed administrative support position.  Its activity is funded by a city-wide sales tax.

The Economic Development Director reports directly to the JDA Board and is currently an at-will full time contracted position.  The Director’s role consists of providing clear economic analysis, vision, and prescriptions for livable futures that enable rural people to create for themselves positive economic opportunities in their local communities, the greater Harvey Economic Development region, and the state of North Dakota.

The JDA evaluates all requests for assistance using a structured approach that employs an Application for Assistance & Business Plan and an evaluation tool – JDA Development Fund Application Checklist.  Where appropriate, it also coordinates its activity with the Wells County Job Development Authority (WCJDA), as for example when a request spans county-wide or multi-county-wide areas.  It can take two to six weeks or more for completion of the initial application and descriptive development of a desired business plan.  It normally takes 2 months to review and approve/disapprove an application.  Almost always, the applicant is encouraged to work closely with the agency’s Director on the application and proposed business plan and make an initial in-person presentation to the JDA Board at a regularly scheduled meeting when formal review of an application begins.

The JDA also oversees the administration of the City of Harvey’s Renaissance Zone Program which provides for tax exemptions and credits as specified within the North Dakota Renaissance Zone Act.  The Renaissance Zone program exists to revitalize communities within North Dakota by deploying specific tax incentives for 5 years. In this manner both residents and business owners are provided with an incentive to invest in the community of Harvey.  Qualifying projects include:

  • Purchase (existing construction)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Purchase (new construction)
  • Lease
  • Leasehold Improvements
  • Public Utility Infrastructure

The Zone’s areas are defined below and include both residential and commercial properties.

The JDA also administers the nation’s Opportunity Zone Program for Harvey City.  The opportunity zone program was established by the US Congress in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 and is an innovative approach to spurring long-term private sector investments in low-income and rural communities.  The entire city of Harvey, including its Industrial Park, is designated by the U.S. Treasury Department as one of the 25 zones (Census Tract #38103959800) within North Dakota.  Potential investors with capital gains tax liabilities can receive favorable tax treatment for investing in business and real estate within the Harvey Zone.  Please contact the Economic Development Director’s office for more information as very specific provisions and administrative procedures must be followed in order to qualify for capital gains tax forgiveness.

All Applications for Renaissance Zone benefit are evaluated employing the Renaissance Zone Project Checklist.

Application for JDA over $10,000

Pre-Application JDA Under $10,000


Business Plan – S C Regional (3)

Renaissance Zone Tax Incentives

2020 Request for Ren zone certificate of Good Standing

Opportunity Zones Frequently Asked Questions | Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov)